Cycle Hire

Tavistock Cycles Ltd

1-2 Paddons Row, Tavistock PL19 0HF, UK – 01822 617630

About 10m off the Devon Coast 2 Coast path (NCN 27) in Tavistock so very convenient if you need some assistance as I did. Martin was very busy with a bike build but managed to find time to sort my problem out and have us on our way again. Friendly & knowledgeable, thoroughly recommended.

Martin was extremely helpful - my bike is in fairly sorry condition and I was really struggling on some hills. I also have a limited budget for repairs/upgrades, and he gave me some great advice and let me know how much everything would be In the end, he regreased the front hub, replaced the front brakes, changed all the cables and realigned the rear derailleur for a total of £57. They also spotted some damage to the side wall of my front tyre that I hadn't seen. I dropped the bike off on Monday evening and had a call saying it was ready on the Wednesday.