These are free general computer resources and defences

Brilliant! There is a free non-commercial version of the virus checker which can be set to update automatically. Click below to download. Go to our computer section for more free 'Must Haves' If you subscribe to the full version you can protect against Spyware, SPAM and AVG gives you a Firewall - basically everything. The downside is that AVG are quite commercial and it is very easy to click on the wrong buttons while installing - especially if you are going for the free one.
You will need this the play the radio and other audio files. It is free. The link will take you to the download point.
PC users click below to download Microsoft's much improved internet browser Explorer 8.
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This is a FREE personal firewall that is easily set up by following the instructions on the Sygate site. It allows easy monitoring of a single computer or a number of home-networked computers.
Firewall Protection. ZoneAlarm is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions). Setting up should be straightforward if you are using a single computer. If you have your own network then you may have a problem with the client computers gaining access to the Internet. If you would like help then e-mail Dick at or phone 07801371687.